Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Quito Food Tour, Summer 2012 - Fourth and final food tour post

The last part of my Quito food tour was a visit to the home of a woman who has her own family business preparing tamales and empanades for local workers. These are made in significant quantity, and I gather she makes good income from this. I had a chance to make a few, too, and Santiago and I had a sit-down tasting of these goodies.

The photos are a selection of the food preparation, the woman's family and the views from her very humble apartment - but views that a NYC equivalent would add a few $100,000 to the price. What do you think?

Again, I never did get her name. This was all too fast and I wasn't being much of a journalist on this tour. I could certainly get it if I needed it...

Here goes:





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