Monday, December 23, 2013

OK - one last post on Cuzco markets, a Cuzco food expo and a cooking class...

I originally wrote this post in 2010, part of a series of postings on my visit that summer to Peru. I'm posting it now, out-of-order, with some photos of the cooking class i took in Cuzco. Besides combing the San Pedro Market for new foods, I also took two short cooking classes at a restaurant called A Mi Manera, around the corner from the main Cathedral in the Plaza des Armas.

I neglected to photograph all the great dishes I learned to make (and ate) but here are some. First, though, we startaed with a popular local beverage, a granadilla shake. First you see the whole granadilla - then the cut one, which is full of seeds and a soft inside.

Well, I FINALLY figured out how to post more than 5 photos at a time. Hope I get it right now! After this post, I will focus on more posts about Noshnews and Noshwalks!

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